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Re: The nasty side effect of efficiency

david weaver
With the quality of their beech stock when they were sawing, I will probably buy from them in the future if I want to make something out of cherry that's actually nice.

I was listening to the guy with a circle mill on youtube who saws pine, and he mentioned that most of the band mills now are computerized, so the "efficiency" in sawing will only go up. Meaning what I can find is less and less like what I want when I go to a commercial supply place.

I think the same will be true for most people.

I do have a local guy here who can always come up with #1 cherry inexpensively, and he's a little below market on FAS, but I'm sure if I get him to saw a nice log through and through, it won't be much off what horizon charges, and I can't browse a gaggle of pictures first.

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