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Steve Elliott
For a number of years I haven’t posted much on issues related to plane blades because I don’t have much to add to what others are saying. Recent discussions have caused me to look back at my own initial interest in the subject and the value this forum has had for me. About twenty years ago I wanted to find a better plane to use at my job in a custom woodworking shop. I’d found planes to be better tools for certain tasks and thought the ones I had weren’t working optimally. Eventually I had well-used older plane bodies that needed better blades, meaning ones that were the right width and thickness with the slot in the right place and plenty of life left. I looked into making blades myself and did some controlled testing of manufactured blades to decide what kind of alloy to use. With help from Bill Tindall I settled on CPM-3V and had the heat treating done by Paul Bos. The blades were just what I wanted and have served me well. At the time PM-V11 blades had not been introduced.

The next area of interest for me was cap irons, and in 2005 I became aware of the work of Kato and Kawai. That was a result of forum discussions and the internet friends I met there and it got me started on using the cap iron effectively myself, another major advance in my technique.

These days I’m pleased that I can buy blades I like and with David Weaver’s recent work I know I could make custom blades in odd sizes if needed to.

As I near retirement I’m looking at what I’ll do when I don’t spend my time in a commercial shop outfitted with power tools. Hand tools will become more important to me for a lot of tasks and what I’ve learned and will learn on this forum will be invaluable.

This post isn’t meant to be about me but rather about how much I appreciate what this forum and its members have done for my woodworking. Our discussions aren’t for everyone but they are very valuable to some of us.

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