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Re: You jest and miss the mark

david weaver
>>I don't enjoy sharpening knives any more than plane blades. Less of it is better for me. <<

I think this could be changed. It can be turned into something wonderful unless a knife is made so that it can't be sharpened well. Lots of the more modern offerings are made in such a way that it seems they're intentionally difficult to sharpen, but no relief behind edges or bits on the tang/shoulder that are literally in the way if you lay a knife on a stone.

There's one other wonderful thing - gray deburring wheel and a hard buff with a pretty stiff compound in it (cheap 5 micron al ox stick that mcmaster carries for $10 per kilogram is great).

As much of a "purist" as i am, if the main bevel of a knife is thin, you can do awfully well with something like that. Perhaps returning to the stone every 10 sharpenings.

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