Hand Tools

Nor in my area...though...

david weaver
...there may be some "superfarmers" around, most of the renters we've had in the last 25 years are regular guys or hobby farmers (current tenant has a couple of businesses and would like to hold the land until he retires in a few years so that he can farm it himself....so he rents it, and for now pays someone else to do custom work on it).

Further south where there's more open land, youtube feeds me videos of guys who work 10,000-15,000 acres. They play golf sometimes, and other times drive $100K pickups and wear safety vests while everyone else around them is doing the work, and they have service trucks that look like they belong on an oil pipeline. They say things like "if I had craftsman tools in the service truck, my guys would bust their knuckles all the time".

My grandfather is 23 years dead. He wouldn't have been able to tolerate seeing those guys talk.

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