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david weaver
strangely enough, I only found that guy after seeing XRF results of XHP and then doing the first part of this test, and thinking that something must've been wrong with my sharpening of 3V because the cut resistance was greater than XHP, plus XHP was showing seemingly more wear under the scope and then outlasted.

What's the importance of that? Nothing other than planing about 10,000 feet up to that point and worrying that subsequent tests would show something different. Two or three iterations with wildy differing results would sure throw a wrench in concluding anything.

I had written off most of the knife testing world after seeing one buschcrafter (misspelling intentional) after another talk about what they "need" and then seeing them sharpen knives for half an hour in something that looked like a robot. Then, you have the guys bending knives in vises, other guys trying to cut metal with knives, etc, and it just seems to have nothing to do with planing.

And in googling XHP, that video came up. I would never have guessed XHP would cut more sisal than S30V or S35V, but between that and cliff stamp videos, it's pretty clear that getting past all of the noise and finding the few guys who would do something like cut 500 feet of cardboard, cut several hundred cuts through old carpet, or cut sisal....those guys are testing the same thing we are more or less. I felt lots better about my results.

Some of the folks on here who always have a negative reaction to LV didn't. It still felt very odd at the time to have an iron slip through material with less resistance - it just makes you think that you must've sharpened one really well, and you start questioning all kinds of stuff. This may just be a one-off experience, one of the few times we got a high technology steel that wasn't made to be used in industrial stamping dies, and that doesn't have carbides made to rub against metal at high speed. It's just lucky, and it's easier to get your data and then go back and find the few people who were testing something similar - but the confirmation is nice.

I'm "that guy" planing for duration for a second time in 10 years. The first time I did it, I compared a small number of A2 irons. I hope to never do the test again, but after finding this missed gem of an iron steel for potentially a long time, and then missing the mark looking at it in two metal planes, I went through all of the other steels. I don't see any other missed potential marks. Elmax and 204P look like potential good plane iron steels, but they're probably more expensive, and I don't think their schedules allowed shade tree iron making like XHP does.

Long story short, everything seems to line up with this one. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the one and only.

The fanatics of the finest white steel aren't going to like it that much, either, but I have planed with white steel planes, and they are wonderful. But the life of the edge is probably similar to good O1.

If some knife guy shows another steel that slices 2 times as much sisal as XHP yet again without being temperamental, I will probably wake up again.

(I was on to the slicing before this, I guess, because of cliff stamp -not because he ever measured XHP, but because he would get something like S30V, and then go find an inexpensive 440C knife or something similar and find out what kind of changes in geometry would yield the same result. I believe he said something along the lines of S30V being fine for duration, but 12c27 or some other lowly steel cut the same number of feet of carpet if the total angle was 2.5 degrees less than that of the S30V knife..I see that kind of stuff as interesting. And he made the same point - for all of the torture tests all of the knife loonies like to go through, most of us slice things with our knives.)

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