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ok, for me it was not obvious, as I said, I´m no hunter. For me, surface quality of the plane is interesting, since I don´t sand. It seems we are kind of opposite in this respect. You sand, and use building finishes. I don´t sand (except for knife handles, and tools without flat surfaces, like spokeshaves), and mostly use oil or wax as a finish.

The problem of keeping finished parts clean and free of gunk, glue, smear and the like we share!

I guess I prefer a finished piece with an overall planed look, even if there is the occasional spot of tearout, or defect, rather than a blemish free piece with a sanded look. I always aim for only cut surfaces since I don´t like sanding but I´m by no means a master. You make very fine work, thank you for sharing it here. I hope to post my next project here as well.

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