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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Is it critical that the edge remain free of defects when skinning?

Of course not. Nor is wood surface quality beyond tear-out free of any importance to me either, nor anyone else I personally know that makes stuff and uses planes. They all finish sand prior to applying finish.

Personally I don't finish sand until just prior to finishing. I can't carry a complex piece of furniture along with accumulating scuffs, smudges, discovering defects like a gum pocket in cherry, dents, etc. that have to be removed or fixed before finishing. In the case at hand I must have gotten a film of glue on a finger for I found a shiny spot while finish sanding and scrutinizing the surface while doing so. It was sanded away. It could have been scraped but my sanding leaves a better surface.

I can't preserve the surfaces David creates nor can I take advantage of them with the protective finishes I use. I look forward to following your next build and you can show us how it's done.

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