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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Please educate me on the knife users that would actually note the difference between HC steel and e.g XHP in use where it matters

A great many deer and lambs have hung from this spreader. Years ago their hide came off and they were quartered with a Ruana custom made carbon steel knife. While this traditional knife readily took a razor edge with traditional sharpening media this edge didn't like bone. To cut around the "ankles and wrists" I would use a second knife so as to keep the Ruana razor sharp for the task of actual skinning. The Ruana got sharpened after every animal for it was dull at the end.

My hunting is rooted in 1825 technology. My hunting is a life style; skinning isn't. Hides now come off with a custom made CPM 3V skinner. Were I buying today it would be XHP. This knife will skin several critters before it needs sharpening which as a practical matter means it stays razor sharp for one session. My field gutting knife is 440C with a fluorescent green handle that shows up in dead leaves. It's stainless steel I find useful. The kitchen knives are custom 440C Rc60. I sharpen on stone not with a steel so I like a harder knife. My farm knives are cheap 440. I loose them often so I won't pay more than $15 for them at Smoky Mt Knife works.

I'm delighted the knife market offers all these choices to meet my needs and desires.

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