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Who are these knife people pushing the limits of steels and edges. There has been numerous references to the knife community and their knowledge and thoughtful use of steel.

What are the knife equivalent of a joiner or cabinetmaker?

My perception of the knife community (only mine, and as such with my prejudice) is that there is more talk than action (could probably be said about any community, including ours), and few people actually using their custom knifes to their limits. Collectors like to talk about the things they collect, and the more space steel, mammut bone handles, filipine pearl inlays etc. there are, the more they can talk about.

Planing thousands of feet, with the additional condition of creating an excellent surface is a task which I canĀ“t see the equivalent of in the knife world. Please educate me on the knife users that would actually note the difference between HC steel and e.g XHP in use where it matters.

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