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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
David's results + Lee Valley free shipping = I too have ordered blades for my go to planes.

I never found the Lee Valley data credible. It was easy to dismiss, and I did even for the messily $15 premium on a blade. How could a steel sharpen easily yet wear longer? And the testing was done on MDF!

Now if you go to the knife Forums where CTS-XHP is known and discussed you find data that shows exceptional edge life and an explanation for easy sharpening in the discussion of particle steel properties. Read up on CTS-XHP and you don't find the results you all are finding with David's blades surprising at all, or Lee Valley's.

I don't usually, but I watched some of Forged in Fire last night. Everyone told what the steel was in the blades they made. Why? Because the knife community knows that if the knife is made from XXY it will have such and such properties. The steel name predicts performance of the blade in manufacturing and use. Ditto for the show that followed where contestants whacked on things. One person's blade was made from PD1 a metal I investigated for chisels. I could predict how it would perform on some of the tests (it's boggling tough at high hardness and vanadium content means it won't dull easily) If I make any more tools it will be from PD1.

For some of our woodworkers woodworking is a life style and that style is rooted in a previous century. Until most of us are getting excited about new technology there won't be much of it in our market place.

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