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Wiley Horne
David and all,

I never gave much thought to trying a PMv11 iron, until you performed your testing. I liked all my irons, including the old W1 in the LN4.

But your testing—showing that PMV11 outdistanced everything else, which was surprising to me, and was smoother in the cut, and yet sharpened on natural stones—changed everything. The sharpening was the clincher. That’s why I ordered a 2” PMV11 for the LN4.

Your testing PMV11 against this XHP steel—and I think we must respect Rob Lee and not presume an equivalence—but your testing did nothing but reaffirm the superior performance of both these steels.

As I say, I never gave a thought to retrofitting with PMV11, but I believe in data, and the data changes my mind. I would encourage anyone and everyone to consider PMV11 for their compatible planes. And I’d love to see LV make a line of slotted irons in the 0.14-0.18” thickness range for infills and LN’s longer planes—I would be an immediate buyer.

Thanking Lee Valley for their R&D and risk-taking to bring this steel to market!


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