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I could have a memory error
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Reground the PMV11 iron ()

david weaver
....from comparing the hardness of that iron to the hardness of the mule after the first (insufficient temper). That one and the one I have now (which I tested by heating longer and higher, seeing potential negative effects in the middle of the face from doing that - so I won't offer to send it to Bill for hardness testing because it could give some odd readings) got to a very faint straw temper, which should lead to a hardness around 60-61, but it's possible that since the washita is working a tiny part of the iron that it could be a little harder (due to the fast cooling in oil).

It's almost worth having made it and sent it just to hear other opinions about it...

..and the memory error could be confusing what the mule felt like at hard temper vs. the V11 iron.

I recall also that bill requested a head to head with both irons, but that's potentially 8,000 feet of planing. I'm out of reliable waste-able wood. The target in this case was less to see if I could equal the V11 iron and more to see if I could make something reasonably close enough so that I can do what I like to do - experiment and improve skills while yielding something permanently usable.

Given the laziness of the process, credit goes to carpenter for making a supremely wonderful steel. The first that I have seen that is a genuine improvement over my favorites in general planing, one that I cannot argue against reasonably.

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