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Reground the PMV11 iron
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Wiley Horne
Hi Bill and all,

I’m curious too. So I just put the LV iron through the same grinding/honing as David’s XHP iron. The LV iron was lowered from 30 degrees (where I previously had ground to) to 25 degrees. Took me 6 minutes. Yesterday, I took David’s iron to 24 degrees from whatever he sent it at—33? That took 11-12 minutes. There are some complications: David’s iron was starting from very little hollow, whereas the LV iron already had a full hollow from my previous grinding. The LV iron mic’s at 0.103” thick; the median on David’s iron was 0.985-0.99” thick. Overall, I removed considerably more metal from David’s iron.

All in all, it seemed to me that the LV iron ground the same to slightly faster, mg for mg. I do not think David’s iron is softer than the PMV11.

I then honed the LV iron on the same three Japanese stones as shown before. The two irons honed at the same rate to the same end sharpness (very sharp), and slid through the NYT with the same ease.

Conclusion: I don’t find David’s iron to be softer (or harder) than the LV. Best bet: as an anecdotal, weakly controlled, shade-tree estimate, I go for the null hypothesis—they’re about the same. Which is high praise. I really like both irons. A lot.


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