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david weaver
I can do two or three irons at a time, depending on their size. it wouldn't work for large batches, but the average person tempering a few irons would be served to reduce the risk of messing a bunch up and do only a couple at a time.

I used to temper everything for an hour, but have also noticed no difference in plane irons doing that vs. tempering for a shorter period of time and checking with a non-contact thermometer.

I haven't seen a variation greater than 15 degrees with my magic spot in the oven (e.g., if I set convection at 375, any iron on the top rack will always be between 400 and 415 degrees F) with the non-contact thermometer, but success in my oven definitely does not mean that someone else will experience the same.

Probably a well-invested half hour for someone wishing to do this stuff to turn their oven on, then put one of the $8 oven thermometers in the oven where they want to temper and observe both the temperature of that thermometer as well as how much the thermometer fluctuates over a half hour (then watch longer if something alarming occurs).

When I temper, every single time, I use a non-contact thermometer mid-process and then again when turning the oven off. If a thermostat goes bad on an oven, it's not like an alarm will go off (that I'm aware of).

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