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Thank you David! ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If we make the assumption that the blade you received from David differs from PMV11 only in the heat treat and the heat treat differs only in the final hardness will you compare you experience sharpening the two? I realize David has reported the difference, in terms I largely don't understand, but science demands confirmation of results.

I bake in a kitchen oven, with about the same indulgence in details as you all planing. In my experience there is nothing uniform either spatial or temporal about any place in any oven I have baked in. And if the oven is electric, radiant heating becomes significant which in turn means IR absorption/reflection of the metal becomes significant. (dark bread pans bake faster than shiny) While I regard the heat treat schedules provided by manufacturers reliable I am skeptical we can predict the hardness of David's blade from his heat treat information. Interpreting results for this blade requires its hardness to be tested. The both of you live within a short drive of many places that could test it.

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