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Wiley Horne
Hi all,

This evening I decided to regrind and resharpen David’s XHP iron. Taking it out of the plane, I noticed it was still sharp from David’s Ouachita. I had put another 100 feet on it in birch, and it still very nearly passed the newsprint test—only stuttered a couple times as it slid into the paper’s edge. I was surprised, and am sure it still had a few hundred real good feet left in it.

Grinding on Tormek with 10” CBN wheel. I ground to a heavy burr at 25 degrees. It was not an easy grind, very much like CPM 3V. In fact, for comparable metal removal, it took a little longer, but then the wheel is settling in now, so I would call it comparable to 3V. I thought ‘uh oh’, this thing is going to be a bear to sharpen on natural stones—my goal was to avoid diamond.

But it went well, on 3 Japanese stones, shown here:


First a tomae (far side in photo), then a karasu (middle), and then my best finish stone, which the iron is laying against. The iron got tremendously sharp on these stones, and you could tell after the first one that it would. It had a heavy burr going into the honing, but gave it up easily on the tomae. ‘

Close-up on the finish stone:


I gave a a few licks on a chromium green leather strop and did the NYT test:


I don’t think it even saw the paper. This is really amazing blade steel, if you use a grinder. Because it hones to a true edge on natural stones. You don’t have to go to diamond, as with 3V or the M’s or any high speed steel.

The full set of,photos:



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