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david weaver
I don't remember it showing much at a couple of hundred feet. One of the reasons I was misled on the "it's going 4000 feet!" thread is that this one isn't honed on diamond and neither was the first mule (that did the 4k feet), so I think the wear bevel wasn't quite as visible.

It's just starting to show wear under the microscope, but I sent that to wiley with some wear on because with probably 200-300 feet of wear on it, off of the washita, the iron seems to actually get better for a period as the initial edge comes off. It makes an astoundingly bright surface given that the washita is fine, but it doesn't give me a particularly bright surface with carbon steel.

I wish Larry was still around to come up with all kinds of talk about burnishing to explain it!!

What I did not expect to find with all of this stuff is what I did find - that the XHP and V11 irons feel sharper with the same abrasive that I would use on carbon steel, and then a step further, easing their hardness a little bit doesn't seem to do too much to their durability, but they become sweethearts to sharpen.

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