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david weaver
I kind of like the pulls, but love the blotching.

The pulls are simple and they're not polished brass or brushed nickel, nor are they wonky looking awkward arts+Crafts movement stuff like you'd find in some of the strip district shops around here with "custom woodworkers" making cutting boards and other such things.

When I can find cherry that's close to quartered, I'm on it. I don't often get it, especially if the stock comes from a circle mill of one of my local suppliers. It's always got varying density between the early and late wood and some type of curl. Even weak is more interesting than nothing, and it looks good sanded or planed.

Curly maple is often doted over as a "difficult" wood, but it's pretty easy to plane. Curly cherry that's on the lower density side and very dry can be a lot more of a challenge to finish straight off of the plane. You can't scrape it too hard, either, or it crumbles.

When i first started woodworking, i sanded cherry all the time. It would cause me to have a mild asthma attack and could leave me with ill effects for a couple of days. Thankfully, planing it for years seems to have lessened the sensitivity.

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