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blotching *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
There is blotching from poor surface preparation and that from irregularities in the grain. Why everyone values these irregularities in maple and lays a pejorative name like blotching on them when it is cherry, I don't understand.

On the corner cupboard I did use a wash coat to control stain absorption but it was because one board was exceptionally porous in place and crotch figure demands it. But for most cherry I don't try to hide it. For example:

note: the pulls are what they are because this chest was made for a young child. Some day they will be replaced with something more elegant. The cherry color is accurate. It is low elevation TN cherry and that is the color it ages to. The top drawer fronts came from a log in the wood pile. When I split it it looked promising.

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