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Re: Kato and Kawai on "wedge angle"

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
My takeaway from what I've done so far is that for the average person, 35 degrees will extend the time between sessions to the grinder and

To repeat, the K&K data under their conditions concludes that beyond 29 degrees the blade dulls and lifts substantially faster. They predict more trips to the grinder. I do not doubt either data set. What I conclude is that this experiment is sensitive to variables we may not even recognize and the "best" angle can not be stated with certainty. Personally I am going to stick with 30 degrees because I don't see evidence of chipping with the blades I use.

There is NO evidence of burnishing in the SEM surface pictures. Cells seem to be cleanly cut. There is no apparent chipping (SEM PIC's)even at 26 degrees in the dense wood, even up to 200 meters.

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