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david weaver
I'd be better off in making things if I experimented with less. But I've not got a great deal of interest in furniture, so I'd have more tools and more guitars. I don't really need those, either.

One thing that I do like - regardless of the wood - if I find something and Derek finds something, and we both find the same thing in different woods, it makes me feel good about it.

I expected to find with this test that LV's tales were a little tall. I'm not above proving myself wrong, though. I can hardly wait for the folks who wonder if I'm on their payroll. I think after spouting off about LV not doing what I wish they'd do (offering some kind of primo carbon steel - which I'll admit for most of the market of tool users would be lost on the masses - I'm probably excommunicated. At least they didn't shut down my V11 blade order!!!).

If I'd have found something unfavorable and posted it anyway and they really did cut me off (still doubt they'd do that - Charlie says he has tried V11 stuff, and I'd figure at this point, he'd need a straw purchaser to get anything from LV), then that'd just be that. The consequence of getting the right answer or trying our best to. (I can make my own tools at this point, anyway).

Nothing unfavorable happened at this point, though. We found something unexpected. Bill did more digging and found that there's data in the knife world in slicing tests to support the same thing - that the high chromium PM steels seem to outdo their alloy when it comes to slicing. Derek's data agrees. And my supposition was wrong. I'm glad to be wrong, though, once I have some proof.

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