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David Weaver
I wonder that while I'm using it. It's slicker through the cut than the other irons, but it's not a matter of sharpness. What is it? It's not like it actually gets sharper. All of these irons silently remove hair after the sharpening process. Not hair pops off or anything like that, it lays over on the blade without being pushed over.

Not going to go into that, but it's a higher level of sharpness than hairs popping up.

3V has a little bit of cut resistance, which is what led me to go another round, and now I'm comfortable that I didn't bungle up the first test with poor sharpening, I just has a bit of back bevel wire at the corners, which didn't get into the cut.

Again this time, 3V had a little more cut resistance. Both carbon steels did, too. Same plane, same cap iron, etc (Except for 3V) for all of the steels. Do the vanadium carbides in 3V and M4 give it some grip? I don't know.

One can figure that V11 is loaded with chromium by the fact that stuff around it on the plane will rust and it won't.

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