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Every time you have a good idea...

david weaver
...if it's marketable, you can find a picture of it being sold by someone else on the internet :b

My mother was over last year. My wife is nutty about pets and dirt, so my mom's aging dogs came with diapers when she came over. But my mom is cheap, so they weren't dog diapers, they were kid diapers with a hole cut in the middle for dog tails.

The two of us decided we could keep the diapers on the dog by fashioning some suspenders out of duct tape. I told her "you know, you could sew these things up several pairs an hour and sell them for $20 on etsy, promising savings by using regular kid diapers".

I felt really smart for about a minute and then said, "let's go see if anyone makes them", that was too easy to figure out:


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