Hand Tools

Re: Grass hook - seymour... *PIC*

I converted a small hand sickle into a variant of a grass hook by adding a somewhat longer handle for edge trimming. I went through maybe 3 or 4 bought from yard sales for $1-2 each before I found one that took an edge I liked (peened and honed). My yard is way to small for a real scythe and the parts that the reel mower don't get into would be awkwark

I thought it was super innovative to not have to bend over so much, but I guess they're already a thing hah.

It was one of these jobbies, bent the handle up some (maybe around an 80d angle off the blade.. until it felt about right) and just a piece of scrap oak made roughly octoganal (not exactly because it wasn't square) with a slot cut in it and riveted on the same as the original handle.

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