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Wiley Horne
Hi Steve and all,

For grass and weeds, I believe in modern conveniences, except I have never found an electric string trimmer that could survive me for more than 2 or 3 uses.
And I better not mention here what happens to my pocket knife out there.

If you have any plantings, especially borders or flower beds, here is one of the most satisfying tools on the planet—Clarington Forge hand-forged spades. Here is their full line:


Will not bend, even if you’ve decided to pry up a rock and you don’t know how big that rock is.

Lee Valley carries a few of their tools. I have ordered from their homesite in the UK, and they shipped out of San Francisco, as I recall. The stainless stuff is not forged, and they no longer carry a forged trowel, which was a great tool for those who routinely bend trowels (Dave, I recommend you start a cottage business making forged trowels out of whatever, leaf springs, who cares.)

But their forged shovels and spades make for a great time in the morning dew. In fact, when I went searching for the website, I got sucked in all over again, between the shrubbery spade and the rabbiting spade....life is good...


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