Hand Tools

vs. scythe

david weaver
this type of grass hook is more like a scythe but not completely. It's a stubbier blade intended, I guess, to work next to things. too short to use as a scythe, but great for spot cutting.

I'd also love to use a scythe, but I have nowhere to use it and the reel mower is great to use any time other than the worst growth levels and it's faster than the rotary mower any time other than early spring.

Was the thing you got like this?

we had one when I was a kid (it was older and more proper, but still not that great). If the weeds are too small, it's no good. If they're too long, it's a wrist breaker.

I never found a decent video of the longer handle grass hooks, but vaguely recall seeing this one.

(I can't remember what I was trying to solve when I got the hook, either - you can use it in place of a string trimmer a lot of the time, but it certainly isn't faster great for the bushes).

There's also another tool if you have hedges that's useful - a tree knife (more typical for Christmas tree farms). Potentially dangerous. It's just a simple long thin knife. Never had one, but I've seen people talk about steeling them before, so they're probably not that hard.

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