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david weaver
..unlike a lot of the other cheapened tools, the little grass hook on something like a 4 foot handle is just a small austrian scythe blade.

I use a reel mower until fall (mulch leaves with a rotary mower), and fairly rarely use the grass hook, but anything that involves sitting on the ground is out for me, too. I'm not a senseless self punisher.

I use a string trimmer for most normal trimming work, but I use the grass hook to pull wild hairs off of bushes or trim certain things (a light hand on a grass hook will cut off weeds without cutting the grass to the ground). Just trimmed some unwanted growth off of three bushes with one last night - the handle allows you to reach pretty high without getting out bigger equipment (like a pole trimmer).

Mine came needing peining and honing, though.

Several styles of tools sold as grass hooks - you'll find one that matches my description (4 feet or so of handle and a scythe type blade rather than a hook. There are $20 versions around, but I have my doubts about whether or not the blades would be any good for that cheap. Scythe making in austria is sort of a thing, so they're reliable for making blades that will pein but not be too soft).

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