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David Weaver
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This shaving is about a thousandth thick, but surface quality is good, reasonably bright without much evidence of plane direction.

Ration for sharpening was fine India to hard ark to suita. The hard mark makes for an ok edge, but the wire edge is very persistent on a natural Oilstone so it's not really a good finisher.

A suita that slurries a little is good for impeding wire edge formation and they don't mind if a little residual oil is on the iron as long as it's not much.

I didn't stick with the tiny thin shaving because the adjuster can't reach the cap with this iron thickness and it loses its set a little depth wise without it.

Tiny diamonds will ramp the sharpness up another notch, but this stone is practical and quick as a freehand finisher for this iron. I'll pein a tab to the cap iron to use this or buy a lie Nielsen plane for testing.

The grind was cool and uneventful with a cbn wheel.

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