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Wiley Horne
Hi all,

A fellow named Rob, advanced degrees in science/engineering, did some homebrew testing. Nothing amiss so far (except for erasing the hollow in Neil’s Tasai chisel). His results were published far away. Then David republished them here. Again, no harm, no foul.

So far, we have,

1. Amateur testing done for the usual reason (curiosity).
2. Results make circuitous route to Woodcentral Hand Tools.

Skies still blue. Then, 1 millisecond after the OP gets read,

3. Hand Tools’ mosh pit brand of talk begins. Excerpting from memory...Rob showed 3 orders of magnitude too much precision (plus some other calumny); LV chisel is out of spec, hell no it ain’t; who knew Narex chisels were so soft, no they ain’t either......etc etc, right up to the present.

Opinion: Bill’s right. The chances are vanishingly small that a random LV chisel found in the wild is off-spec. Rob never said it was—he just printed his method and his number.

So: Who will be the next brave soul to venture something? Seems to me, tinkering is a good thing, and data is a good thing provided only that we know the conditions of measurement, and man-named-Rob did not set out to unmask off-spec chisels.

Personally, I approve of the intrepid folk who do stuff, for whatever reason, and tell us about it. People who do metallurgy with cheap gear, people who measure planing forces with amateur set-ups, people who make chisels and plane blades from CPM-3V and catch hell for it. It’s all good!


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