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results have been repeated countless times

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

"Still, I appreciate rob's efforts, even though the thread got a bit disjointed and it would be nice to have someone else see if they could duplicate some of the results. "

Narex and Lee Valley have measured the hardness of their product, likely thousands of times, and have published the result as a specification for their product. As clearly stated, LV has confirmed to me, and anyone else that doubts my report and chooses to contact them, their specification is met in every heat treat batch. I have no doubt whoever Blue Spruce uses for heat treat does replicate measurements on every heat treat batch , as this quality control is standard for the heat treaters I know about.

I believe the reliability of the data in the Table has been discussed sufficient for bystanders to judge for themselves what data to believe. 'Nuff said on this topic.......

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