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Re: Hardness Data for Chisels

Neil Strong
Yes, David, and in the case of my Tasai that had been taken close to #20,000 on my best Nakayama natural stone before I sent it off. But, it may not have looked highly polished to anyone not familiar with Japanese chisels off natural stones, which leave a fine misty surface.

The ura also went up close to the cutting edge (as well maintained J-chisel should) and this perhaps was an issue for the testing method.

The variability in hardness with that chisel may have come from testing sites that were at different levels below the original treatment surface. I'm very familiar with that effect when using new turning gouges; I suspend judgement until I've ground away a bit off the end.

Anyway, I perhaps should not have assumed some knowledge of J-tools and their peculiar ways... :~}

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