Hand Tools

Age and failing memory...

david weaver
Now that I'm past the age of 40, all of the sudden, it seems like things trickle back instead of coming back (but after skimming parts of that 44 page thread, I can't afford the time to read it and see what I may have said back then...)

What vaguely trickles back, though is that I recall seeing if I could "con" rob into trying to make something the equal of vintage tools.

So my comment about not being aware of what his motives were may not be accurate - not intentionally inaccurate. In the fog is a combination spatial-ish feeling of:
1) telling him not to run a bunch of tests and stab a magic steel in a handle referring to his tests to prove it is best
2) pointing everyone toward the older tools and suggesting that many of the comments of their inconsistency within brand are really inaccurate.

I vaguely recall advocating for someone making vintage-ish chisels again, but that's not ever going to happen. Even making oil hardening chisels in the shape of a vintage chisel takes too much skilled labor, and not precise machine.

Which falls back toward Ashley Iles still being the best proportion, composition and execution of something similar.

Now, if someone ever developed an interest in diemaking and die-forging (or die-pressing like i understand Koyamaichi does) as a hobbyist, there might be a chance. But one that wouldn't last long.

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