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Re: Dredging the canal of my memory

Wiley Horne
Warren, Jim, David, and all,

Thanks for the help—it’s very useful. I did go get some poplar and soft maple today; should work easier than red oak. I find the sound varies with the thickness of shaving, but at about a 2-thou shaving makes a singing sound like a wooden bench plane. If there is chatter due to wedge letting blade vibrate, or just too heavy a cut, it’s a lower gutteral sound—my experience anyway.

By the way, Warren, that was a great observation from Moxon—I had read right over that part without thinking what it meant.

Right now I’m going to start remaking two cabinet door frames. It’s a retrofit, so one of the door openings is square, and the other one is about 1/8” out of square—the face frame itself. The way I intend to deal with this is make the door frame a little oversized, and then plane the edges back to get a fit. That’s apparently what the original trim carpenter did 100+ years ago, because he made a dead fit, with out of square corners. You can track how the frame width tapers end to end, showing that he planed it to fit the opening. And the door is sturdy too—I thought about trying to strip it and save it, but it will be way harder to salvage than to remake.

All suggestions, stories, comments, jibes, and so forth—much appreciated.


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