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Re: Dredging the canal of my memory

Warren in Lancaster, PA
For things like this we like to use one stick of molding for every door. That way if the molding varies slightly from end to end, three of the joints will be rather nice because they came from very near each other in the run, and you will have to doctor at most one joint. So for example if you are making four doors and each needs 60 inches of molding, make four pieces of molding 62 long or so. Don't make three 80 inch pieces or five 50 inch pieces and force yourself to mix.

It is nice to have near perfect stock for moldings, not that we cannot tolerate oddities in the grain so much as they take time and aggravation. And mark your stock with arrows to show which direction you want to plane each side and edge, then orient the stock so you are always planing in a favorable direction

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