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david weaver
59 is generally what's printed. I remember the discussion about the process being that it allowed for minimal after-hardening finishing, and the point about the toughness, but that it had a limited top side for hardness.

The parers that I had were serviceable but had a really persistent wire edge at the hardness level and folded more than I would've expected in use.

They weren't "bad", but left me feeling like I was looking for something else. I think at the hardness level, I was expecting something more like a run of the mill vintage US socket chisel like a witherby or pexto or stanley, but they were a different feel.

the thickness of the profile and the lack of flex (which to my understanding is a matter of necessity for manufacturing processes) made them feel kind of like a long heavy chisel. They'll do the job, but the payoff wasn't there. I was looking for something almost like folks described of western parers without the very hefty price US tool dealers were charging for something like a pre-chrome marples parer, i. sorby, ward, whatever.

Hard to explain. I could see how people would like the bench chisels for the price, there was nothing really "bad" about them, and they're very reasonable, but I'm too far along to go that direction.

The persistent wire edge may have caused me to feel like my chisels were a little softer than they actually are. Just seemed like each time I pared, I'd have some edge damage that I didn't expect. Nothing major, but I crept the angle that they were set at up on the edge (and ground one of them back an eighth and then continued on) until the damage stopped and it was steeper than I wanted for a parer at that point. And, soon they were gone. Maybe the bar is a little higher with parers, too, because you can't just hit them a step harder if you have to add a few degrees to get them to hold up.

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