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david weaver
That would be my choice for paint. It's not really a nice wood compared to good clear perfectly straight pine, but it sure is easier to find in straight pieces.

But, either will be soft. Our borg has never carried maple even though maple (other than western types) is common around here. Their poplar is often extremely light, too, but some of the local sawyers have poplar that is just below cherry in density and with better color.

Finding good wood to make mouldings (in general) is a challenge unless you have a lot to pick through or can get a slab to saw the blanks out of. Cutting these out of oak may be trouble.

My offer still stands for wiley - if oak is the choice, I could make an open mortise plane with a relatively heavy blade set at 60 degrees. But I must admit, I would want to do it myself with what I have as wiley is doing, it's more interesting, and the stimulation of trying things is ...well, stimulating.

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