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Re: Hardness Data for Chisels

Neil Strong
Having tried to follow Rob's original thread, I can't say I'm any the wiser for having done so, but David's comments on hardness vs useability/sharpenability rings true to me.

An aside on his 3rd comment...

" the funmatsu chisel, I sent to Rob. I don't think he managed to flatten the back of it.... but didn't convey that the entire back shouldn't be ground flat."

Likewise, I failed to convey to Rob that the Tasai chisel I sent him for testing wouldn't need to/shouldn't have its ura (ie, the carefully constructed concave area on the back) flattened. Oh well, some people donate their bodies to science, others their best chisels!

In case you were wondering; No, I didn't pay full price for a new Tasai (currently about US$225 for the 18mm dovetail). I managed to buy it secondhand for a very good price. My opinion on Tasai chisels is that they are good, but you are paying a hefty premium for the name. There are much better value-for-money J-smiths.

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