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Re: The economics of chinese goods...a string trim

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
The Ebay listing that i purchased from said California, but I went and checked the user listing and the dude lives in China.

This is likely happening around the world.

A few months ago I purchased a replacement battery for a cordless drill. The seller stated the company was in Australia. The address on the website was in Australia. I specifically wanted to purchase from within Australia.

The wrong battery was sent, and so I tried to get this rectified. PayPal were involved, and intervened on my behalf. It turned out that the business was based in China and that the battery would have to be returned to China, at my expense, before it was checked and replaced. The cost of shipping was as much as the cost of the battery (one reason I wanted to purchase in Oz in the first place).

Since this was not going to happen - I could not get either the business nor Paypal to understand the issue here - I wrote up the experience on the Australian woodwork forum. All of a sudden the business were jumping up and down and paying attention. They ended up sending me another battery.

The problem is not that the goods originate from China. The problem is the absence of backup service.

Regards from Perth


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