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Re: Where to buy/sell vintage tools?

david weaver
I don't particularly like ebay and their high fees and scammy stuff (and threatening emails to sellers now, constantly threatening to assess fees even if an auction doesn't complete, etc), but going against their vanilla setup (using standard features and just taking paypal so as to have the paper trail and exclusivity/lack of options) is always a problem causing thing.

I never sell instruments on there (those are high cost low volume type things, and reverb set the bar by having a 3.5% fee instead of 10%, and when ebay was forced to meet it, they were too dishonest to communicate why). I'm forced to sell tools there only because nothing else has the reach that ebay does. Etsy is also on the greed train and with offensive communications when you give them your opinion. "we've been listening to you, we hope that you're happy despite ___".

Anyway, offering my suggestions as a seller of things only because it's less than part time for me and I've taken my lumps as far as learning to avoid the things that waste time. My parents have three buildings full of (some of it valuable) junk, so in another decade or so, I may be forced to put all of this in play on a constant basis. I hope my sister is looking for something to do at the time instead, though.

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