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Re: Where to buy/sell vintage tools?

david weaver
I wonder why you get that. You might be on a list (your user ID).

I've never gotten that, and have sold about 400 items on ebay (not just tools, probably only 50 of those were tools).

I allow only paypal, which may be why I haven't gotten many oddball requests.

I used to sell some of my tools in the SMC F/S section, and one or two on here, but it's slow going and there is a lot of back and forth sometimes (people offering trades, or all kinds of that nonsense) when you're really looking to just sell something.

No big deal with one item, but if you're hoping to sell 50 things, it's like swimming in molasses.

(in 400 sales, I did have two harrassing ebayers who may have just been mentally ill. One guy wanted a watch that I was selling for $400 for $150. He sent me about 30 messages. I started by politely telling him about $150 watches that look similar, but he wasn't having any of it. You can't stop messages as far as i know, so I just got to ignoring them but he sent an incredible amount. My ask was half of any other listing and 10% below the 3 month average, so the watch sold pretty quickly, but he was irate and kept sending messages for several days. I have actually had more trouble with SMC b/s section - someone offered me a trade years ago. I agreed to it (near mint condition planes). When I got a picture of the items at the last second, the planes were rusty, cut off, with non-matching parts, and hang holes. I backed out of the trade (politely, but said that the picture didn't match the discussions) and the person who wanted to trade gave me a whole bunch of static for a while about how I'd put them out. There's no filter that puts you in contact only with reasonable people.

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