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Re: Where to buy/sell vintage tools?

david weaver
Classifieds for more than a couple of tools is far too cumbersome.

Find the established sale price on ebay (view "sold" items in the last several months), undercut it by a few percent and allow offers.

Save an ebay template type of listing and set up a central place to take pictures. You can list a half a dozen things in not much time that way. If some of your items are similar, just copy listings and change pictures and make minor adjustments.

If you go local, you'll run into tire kickers, non-appearing buyers and professional resellers who will badmouth what you have in an attempt to just get the stuff and sell it on ebay.

I have bought and sold a lot of stuff (you might be able to guess that). If you have something relatively common and things aren't moving fast enough, a straight up auction starting at a penny and the comment "real auction" in the listing does well. If it's something that sells once every three months, a buy it now type listing is far smarter - auctions are risky.

A good friend of mine was looking at selling a Gibson R4 les paul and asked if I was interested. I told him "no, but let me see what's out there so you know what the market looks like". There are about 60 listed on ebay and reverb (a sale site here in the states for guitars). Two sales in the last three months. One at $4,600 and one at $2,750. Identical guitars, identical condition. The second person dared to list something at a real auction when it's a type of guitar that doesn't sell in high volume (they are about $7000 new - the seller took a huge loss). $4,000 would be less than any of the fixed price listings and the guitar would've probably sold within a month or so at that.

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