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Update: Re: Evenfall Studios needs help

Ron Hock
I had a long telephone call with Rob. He and Kristy are doing well, living with her parents and figuring out what to do and where to go next. She works for the county so her job is ongoing. He's amazed at how busy he is, pulling things together to put their lives back together. They haven't even been allowed back in yet as there remains a high risk from toxic chemicals, compromised (but still full) propane tanks, etc. He's not hoping to find much salvageable but is antsy to see what there is to see. Spirits are good and he's so grateful for the outpouring of good wishes and donations, that are keeping them going for the time being.

So please don't hesitate to help them out. They still need help and need it now. Links to donation sites are here: http://www.evenfallstudios.com/

Thanks, everybody.

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