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Spar varnish has slightly different composition to regular varnish as it must be designed to expand and contract in a marine/wood environment. If the oil is less drying, that can penetrates into underlying finishes and make them more blotchy. Probably applies to any paint with similar pigment density, but just doesn't show as badly like a coffee stain on a black rug vs tan.

A lot of us don't use spar varnish, etc.. on boats, because modern wood boats are commonly stabilized to keep the wood movement to very low levels. If that applied to your outdoor pieces, if they aren't raw wood under the paint, then you may get better wear out of stuff like auto finishes.

Marine systems are insanely expensive, and a lot of times the recommended processes require multiple materials, all costly. To the extent that most people I know no longer use them. I use Behr super gloss exterior/interior latex white (tinted as required). It seems to hold up as well as the awlgrip I used to use. A pal uses screen door paint; another in Australia uses locally available paint they use to paint the lines on roads. I have never seen it but apparetly it is commercially available in hardwares where he lives.

I am also interested in trying Behr nano tech paint that was brought out with great fanfare a few years back, and now it is just an additive in some of the products they sell. It is interior only, but again that doesn't mater if the product your are coating is stabilized.

I recently saw an article that showed a boat Sam Devlin (famous boatbuilder), finished using bedliner.

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