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Brian Anderson
The wooden lidded box that came with my Stanley #55 has two compartments.
The back one is just big enough front to back for the 4 wooden blade carriers/holders.
Left to right it is a larger then the holders so there is room for some loose blades.
The front compartment is space for the #55 and its parts. No other divisions were present.

I do not know if it is an original box. I don't see any markings that tell me it is a stanley product.
The partition is let into the ends in dados. It appears to made of oak. And heavily stained/clearcoated. Don't know who did the staining nor coating. My 55 appears complete. So I am estimating that the box is most likely original. (no real reason) The box appears to be made with box joints and has a curious screws running vertical in the corners.

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