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Having a spray bottle of alcohol in the shop is useful for other things. It's a good cleaner and it evaporates completely. I don't have a sink in my shop so water stones are a bit of a hassle. Isopropyl is available in various strengths from many pharmacies and department stores. The bottles have thread caps that fit readily available spray caps. The 90% stuff does evaporate too fast for my use- 70% is about right but if that's still too fast for you try the 50% stuff.

Even at 50% it flashes off completely carrying the other 50% (water) with it, so rust isn't a problem. The residue left on the stone is a dry powder which wipes right off. Unless the stone is very coarse al. Oxide in which you'll probably want oil anyway, the super thin liquid gives very good feel to the stone.

If you share your shop with a furnace or waterheater or anything else with a pilot light or you smoke having a spray bottle of alcohol around might not be a great idea.

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