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Are we talking frame saws or bowsaws? I thought frame saws where the one for resawing where the blade is contained in a frame, the is normally an adjuster for tensioning, not just as string or wire. Bowsaws have to tension elements, and one strut, and frames aws have two compression elements, and one tension element.

Bandsaws are similar to bowsaws in having two tension sides and one compression frame, and an open blade. And they can theoretically do anything a bowsaw can though pieced work is really only done on bandsaws in metal.

I still think bowsaws have a lot to recommend them, but the blades are generally pretty terrible. And so far, not many people have tried to make their own, at least the way I envision them.

I still blows me away that nobody has made a commercial (cheap) blade of the Klaus type where you can saw the whole dovetail out in one go. Why LV hasn't done that for April fools, or as a miniature, I don't know. Though I have wanted one for almost 40 years, and could theoretically make it, and haven't... So maybe it isn't as much fun as one would expect.

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