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Re: Double iron spokeshave

Steve Voigt
Hey Oskar,
Great job. That looks fantastic!
I have seen pictures of large wooden cooper's shaves with double irons, but I think most of those were user made--I don't think they were produced commercially. I think the main reason is that a bevel down wooden shave needs to have a fairly large sole (from front to back), and adding a cap iron contributes to the length. Then there is also the issue of the shave splitting apart, which apparently is common on Japanese shaves.
Even though I'm a huge fan of the double iron, when it comes to bevel down shaves, I've gone the steep angle, single iron route--my current shave is bedded at 57.5°. That makes it possible to keep the sole length fairly short.
However, I definitely don't think you're barking up the wrong tree. A 40° bevel down shave is a pretty common tool in Japanese woodworking, and adding a cap iron will only make it a more versatile tool. And you were very wise to use Elm--the interlocked grain should help reduce the tendency of the wedge to split the tool apart.
I would love to see some more pictures, and some measurements, if you're willing.
Again, great job!

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