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I talk to myself all the time, but generally not in public. I'm making an exception here.

Went to the meet, but did not see any Wood Central hats. I did note that at 49, perhaps 90% of the attendees are older than myself and in more than a few cases, some of the tools purchased today will have made their way back to the sale tables within a couple of years. Hand tool enthusiasts are frankly old. We need to see if we can recruit some more of the kids making coffee tables out of pallet wood to hand tool usage. One problem I see is the cost. Tools at one of these shows are very reasonably priced. The same tools at the local antique mall are stupidly priced. This may put the kids off the search for useable tools. Broken planes for $65 is kind of a bad introduction to the hobby.

In any case, I did well today I think. Including the renewal of my MWTCA membership, I spent $100 and came away with a 1/4" cranked neck chisel, a center finding head for my Starrett combination square, and a Zenith (Marshall Wells Hardware Co.) jointer. I was looking for a shoulder plane, but did not find one I liked.


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