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Re: Not so predictable with sharpening stones

Warren in Lancaster, PA
I probably started this rubbing stones discussion with a single sentence on Wednesday morning, 1/3/2018.

In 1967 I was taught to rub two stones together to help with flatness.

At that time I already knew that two stones were not enough for flatness. That is why I said help with flatness. Even just working with just two stones is helpful because stones tend to wear in similar patterns, especially hollow along the length, which can be markedly improved by rubbing them together. And if one can use more than half the brain and do the rubbing in a judicious way with real discernment, improvement can be made even if starting with awkward stones.

This is much more the spirit of the historical work that John asked about originally. Today's attitude is more of paint by number scheme that some one can lay down for all time, so that the worker can do the job without thinking (while watching tv).

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