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david weaver
I agree (using the whole surface just makes sense. When a spot gets a bit high, using it just makes sense if the user has the skill).

However, guru instructions often involve constant flattening of stones, or admonition of anyone who suggests that you can get decent results by "managing" as we're discussing, vs. chasing exact flatness.

Cosman's demonstration of stone prep comes to mind - it's fairly severe.

Discussion of all of this stuff is fairly painful, because a beginner who hasn't had a few hundred cycles under their belt isn't going to understand the idea of hanging a flat (or straight) object off of a surface that isn't perfect and still having a flat (or striaight - if desired) object when you're done. Especially if their iron or chisel is imprisoned in a guide. Even then, if flattening of the back happens while a chisel or iron is still in a guide, anything with reasonable width should overlap the ends of the stone a little bit when flattening.

(pardon if my posts are a bit disorganized - the migraine fairy is visiting).

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